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(Interim) Product Manager


from 20h/Week

What to expect:

If you would be responsible for building software you know nothing or very little about in an industry you know nothing or very little about, you would find it very useful to know at least how to manage such a product creation! Product Management processes and techniques teach you how to best combine your team’s expertise in each area to reach the ultimate goal - customer satisfaction!


Our Product Manager will be able to help you with an hands-on mindset, kicking off the dual track agile from the get-go. Running the continuous discovery but also delivery process is of the utmost importance so that your customers will get the greatest value. The PM will do this by focusing on the customer problems that need to be solved, following and contributing to the product strategy and executing delivery with the scrum team.

In case you need the agile process set-up, it is recommended you contact us first for introducing Agile Business Professional to your company.

Your Consultant

Data Duke Consultant

Data Duke Consultant

Contact Data Duke via the form to learn more about the available consultant and to receive his/her profil that shows the previous experience

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