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4 Hours

About the Course

Course Overview

There are several misunderstandings and misconceptions concerning the Product Owner's responsibilities. However, the Product Owner's responsibilities extend far beyond managing the Product Backlog and generating User Stories. The Product Owner is critical in bridging the gap between business strategy and product execution in order to assist the Scrum Team in creating meaningful products.

Through lecture and team-based activities, students will improve and reinforce their knowledge of the Scrum framework and the responsibilities of a Product Owner throughout this two-day class*. Students discover ways for overcoming daily obstacles. They will accomplish this while learning better methods to collaborate with the company, stakeholders, consumers, and their team in order to create more value.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn what Scrum is all about from the Product Owner perspective

  • Discover what is expected by a PO from his/her team, stakeholders or even customers, and what a PO should expect from them

  • You will understand what each role in your team is supposed to be doing, how teams are typically constilated, and how to create synergy as a whole

  • Best practices will be shown to you from the trainer's experience, other's experiences and even your own

Who is this Bootcamp for?

This course is intended for students in any field who would like to start their carrier as an Agile Product Owner or switch to this role. After the course there will be a participation certificate given, and optionally, students could ask to get a certificate for the Agile Scrum Product Owner by EXIN.

Course Details:

  • Course duration is 1 day long and FREE of charge

  • Sessions held remotely

  • Minimum threshold of 5 participants required

  • Course language in English, German or Serbian

  • Participation Certificate is included


Your Instructor

Duke Pavić, dipl.oec.

Certified Agile Scrum Professional and Trainer

Duke Pavić, dipl.oec.
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