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Agile Scrum Product Owner




2 Days

About the Course

The Agile Scrum Product Owner course builds the knowledge and understanding base for successful work as a product owner in an agile team. The participants expand their knowledge of ​​the product backlog, agile projects, customer value, and many more. This training also prepares you for the certification at EXIN, Scrum Alliance, and

What is the Agile Way of Thinking?

  • Agile is a mindset and approach to work that values individuals and interactions, working software, customer collaboration, and responding to change. We will do a deep dive into this topic.

What is the role of a Product Owner?

  • A Product Owner is responsible for defining and prioritizing the product backlog, ensuring that the team is working on the most valuable items, and making decisions about what the end product should look like. We will learn also how a PO compares and interacts with other scrum team roles.

How to Manage the Product Backlog?

  • A Product Owner needs to continuously refine and prioritize the product backlog to ensure that the team is working on the most important items. They also need to make sure that the backlog is clear and concise so that the team can understand what they are working on.

How to handle Complex Projects?

  • When dealing with complex projects, a Product Owner needs to be able to break down the project into smaller, manageable pieces, and prioritize the backlog in a way that allows the team to make progress while still delivering value to the customer.

Who is this course & certification for?

Agile Scrum Product Owner focuses on bringing value to the customer and value for the business, through Agile project management techniques. This course and certification are especially suitable for project management, software development, IT service management, and business management professionals.

Course Details:

  • Per request - Minimum threshold of 5 participants required

  • Course duration is 2 days

  • Sessions held remotely (on-spot also possible)

  • Course language in English, German or Serbian

  • Additionally you may request to obtain the official EXIN certificate


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Your Instructor

Duke Pavić, dipl.oec.

Certified Agile Scrum Professional and Trainer

Duke Pavić, dipl.oec.
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