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Agile Scrum Master




2 Days

About the Course

About the Course

The Scrum Master Certification and Training equips you with the essential skills to excel in the role of a Scrum Master within an agile framework. Participants gain in-depth insights into Scrum principles, servant leadership, team dynamics, and more. This training prepares you for certification with EXIN, Scrum Alliance, and

What is the Agile Way of Thinking?

Agile is a mindset valuing individuals, collaboration, working software, and adaptability. Dive deep into this mindset to enhance your effectiveness as a Scrum Master.

What is the Role of a Scrum Master?

A Scrum Master facilitates team success by removing impediments, fostering collaboration, and ensuring adherence to Scrum principles. Explore the Scrum Master's role in relation to other team members.

How to Facilitate Effective Sprint Planning?

Learn how to guide the team in planning and executing Sprints, ensuring a clear understanding of goals and priorities while maintaining focus on delivering value.

How to Coach and Mentor Teams?

Discover effective coaching techniques to empower and guide teams, fostering self-organization and continuous improvement within the Scrum framework.

Who is this Course & Certification for?

Ideal for professionals in project management, software development, IT service management, and business management, the Scrum Master Certification focuses on delivering value to customers and businesses through agile project management techniques.

Course Details:

  • Per request - Minimum threshold of 5 participants required

  • Course duration is 2 days

  • Sessions held remotely (on-spot also possible)

  • Course language in English, German or Serbian

  • Additionally you may request to obtain the official EXIN certificate


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Your Instructor

Duke Pavić, dipl.oec.

Certified Agile Scrum Professional and Trainer

Duke Pavić, dipl.oec.
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